Thatcham Town Cricket Club - Fund raising

LED Electronic Scoreboard Project
Despite C-19, during 2020 TTCC members, supporters and sponsors have undertaken 3 major fund raising projects hosted by The Good Exchange for matching funding. Two of which have been successfully achieved, with the biggest and best being the raising of funds to purchase a new LED Electronic Scoreboard at Brownsfield.

Link to see the latest Funding Status & to Donate to the Project on The Good Exchange

We have 2 fund raising initiatives planned in December, firstly Champagne Super Over Challenge on Friday 4th December and secondly Christmas Bingo and Carol Singing by Zoom on Monday 28th December. All monies raised by both events will be donated onto TGE platform so doubling our money!

For the Champagne Super Over, we visited 29 grounds / clubs in West Berks. Throwing 2 dice to replicate a super over stump hit score, these 2 scores to be multiplied together and a grand total calculated for all 29 grounds / clubs. The winning score was 406, with the winning ticket held by Andy Robinson. £415 was raised by the raffle, which doubled to a whopping £830 when added to The Good Exchange.

A big thank-you to donors of prizes, especially the independent local businesses.

Champagne Super Over Raffle Ticket Result

Prize Number Prize Donor Winning Ticket Number Ticket Owner
1 Kookaburra Harrow Cricket Bat Serious Cricket - Dummer Basingstoke 406 Andy Robinson
2 Bottle of Champagne Co-op - Thatcham Broadway 573 Janet Giddings
3 Bottle of Champagne - Rose Co-op - Thatcham Broadway 558 Nathan Redmond
4 Bottle of Prosecco Sainsbury's - Thatcham Coombe Square 218 Christopher Bird
5 Christmas Themed Sweet Hamper Sweet Imagination - Thatcham 350 Ian Redmond
6 12 Mixed Cup Cakes Baked at Holmes - Thatcham 551 Sue Sellers
7 40 Minute Personal Training Session JWS Fitness - Thatcham 497 Nik & Clare Stewart
8 Christmas Themed Ceramic Roelofs & Rubens - West Woodhay Newbury 334 Matthew Smith
9 Christmas Themed Mosaic Lorategi Garden Art work - Thatcham 459 Karl Woodrow
10 30 minute Footcare Session Expert Footcare - Thatcham, Newbury or Hungerford 191 Jamie Taylor
11 £20 Waitrose Voucher Ian Redmond & Family 412 Basil Wheeler
12 Rum Selection Pack Iain Cottingham & Family 407 Bill Wells
13 £10 Waitrose Voucher Dave Hogg & Family 585 Rachel Moore
14 Tin of Roses Chocolates Dominic Meville 371 Dave Hogg
15 Tin of Christmas Biscuits Sainsbury's - Thatcham Coombe Square 286 Andy Robinson
16 Tin of Shortbread Biscuits Co-op - Thatcham Broadway 312 Nick Bishop

Link to Purchase Christmas Bingo Cards £3 per card 28th December, so far £180 sold
Link to download and print your bingo card will be emailed to you. 

Link to Make Cash Donations to Christmas Bingo & Carol Singing Prize Pool

Planned Christmas Bingo Prize Pool
House : games 1-5 £20 and game 6 £30 vouchers
Line : games 1-6 donated prizes

Link to Purchase Christmas Bingo Raffle Tickets
50p per ticket. Tickets assigned randomly, ticket range 1-999.

Current Bingo Raffle Prize Pool
Prize Number Prize Donor
1 Tin of Shortbread Biscuits Co-op - Thatcham Broadway
2 70cl Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whisky Nick Bishop & Family
3 Nivea Men Classic Pack Janet Giddings & Family
4 Dove Men Gift Set Janet Giddings & Family
5 The Ultimate Horse Racing Collection Janet Giddings & Family

TTCC would like to thank the following sponsorship and donations from members to the planned prizes for both fund raising events.

1. Serious Cricket / Serious Sports Group
2. Co-op Thatcham The Broadway
3. VG Furnishings - Simon Gale
4. Automated Paint Supplies - Tim Mahoney
5. Sweet Imagination - Christmas themed sweet hamper
6. Baked at Holmes - 12 mixed cupcakes (the owner Sara's dad, Geoff Hunt played for TTCC in the 80's / 90's)
7. JWS Fitness & Wellbeing - 40 minute personal training session
8. Sainsbury's Thatcham Coombe Square
9. Roelofs & Rubens - ceramic Christmas decoration
10. Lorategi Mosaics and Garden Art - Mosaic artwork (Davidson-Soler family)
11. Expert Footcare - Thatcham, Newbury or Hungerford

Member Donations
1. Redmond family
2. Dave Hogg
3. Vic & Linda Pye
4. Cottingham family
5. Dominic Melvile
6. Davidson-Soler family
7. Bishop family
8. Giddings family